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catalog page

Whether you are looking for a simple badge engraved with just your name, or a complex full color design, we can make it a reality. All of our products are customized to your specifications.
Take a look through what we offer and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, give us a call anyway.

FC-100 - Full Color Digital Badge on Plastic

Our most popular product, item FC-100 is a fully digitally printed badge. This means the sky is the limit. We can use any font and print in most any color. This scratch resistant badge is digitally printed on white material and features a UV protective surface.

FC-100P - Digitally Printed Photo ID

Your name and your picture. This badge is all about you. Our state of the art process can reproduce photos in amazing detail and our state of the art customer service makes the process simple and painless.

FC-100EG - Full Color Digital Badges with Engraved Personalization

When you want the beauty of a full color logo and the timeless look of an engraved badge, item FC-100EG is for you. First, we digitally print your logo. Then we engrave your name for a badge that is uniquely yours.

FC-200 - Non Personalized Full Color Digital Cards

Do you need a lot of identical badges for something? Think press passes, membership cards, or emergency information reminders. This item is printed on a card the same size and thickness as a credit credit card. It does not include any personalization or attachments.

Standard Engraved Badges

Simple and economical. These badges include text only engraving in any of our standard fonts. Want a different font than one of our standard choices? No problem. We can substitute fonts for a slight upcharge.

Laser Engraved Badges

Not your dad’s badge of yesteryear, laser engraving allows for more intricate designs than standard engraving. With this badge, we engrave your logo into the plastic, revealing the core color underneath. Our laser can engrave even the finest of details.

Engraved Nameplates

Perfect for your desk or door, we offer name plates in a variety of colors and fonts. We can even engrave or screen print your logo for even more punch.

Screen Printed and Engraved Badges

Screen printing is a timeless process developed thousands of years ago. We have taken that process and incorporated it into the art of badge making. We screen print your logo and engrave your name for a badge that will withstand the test of time.

Contract Screen Printing

Our screen printers are experts at putting your design on a variety of rigid substrates. With contract screen printing, we do not personalize any items, only decorate them. Think plain badges that you are going to label or engrave yourself. Or maybe identical signs for around your building. Or even vehicle magnets for your fleet. The possibilities are endless.