catalog page


catalog page

  • 01 | What About Patents and Copyrights?

    We trust that you own the rights to any designs, artwork, colors, layouts, arrangements, characters, etc. of your designs. In the event that someone else doesn’t think so, the customer assumes full responsibility for all claims and/or litigation arising from alleged infringement of licenses, patents or copyrights on any requested design or copy.

  • 02 | Do You Have a Guarantee?

    The short answer: Yes.

    The long answer:
    We import the personalization that you send us into our production software (similar to a mail merge). If your list is correct, the badges will be correct. Because of this, we guarantee to produce your badges exactly as you have submitted them. If they are wrong, due to our error, we will replace them for free. Replacements are sent via US mail. We can send them UPS or FedEx, but we will need your shipper number.

  • 03 | Can I Cancel My Order?

    It really depends on when you cancel your order. If you cancel quick enough (before we start any work on your order), there is no cancellation charge. Orders cannot be cancelled after it has been produced. Once a proof has been provided, you are responsible for all setup and color matching charges.

  • 04 | What Is Your Standard Production Time?

    Normal production time is 5 business days after receipt of order, or proof approval. Changes made to an order in production may result in delays. Proofs may also lengthen production time. Shipping time should be added to our production time. Rush service is available. Contact us for more details.

  • 05 | Can You Match My Color?

    We can match most colors out there. However, our printers do have some limitations, and some colors do not play well together (yellow on gold, gray on silver, etc.). There is an additional charge for PMS color matching. PMS color matches are one time and reprints will match the original. If you proceed with a PMS match, we will match the color as closely as our printing process allows. If color is critical, we suggest a spec sample, just ask us how.

  • 06 | Will I Receive a Proof?

    For first orders, proofs are sent as part of the setup process. Proofs are not routinely provided for repeat orders. All new layouts are given a proof for approval. After approval, a template is created and stored on our server. All repeat orders will be identical to the approved layout. We are always happy to provide proofs, but after the proof for layout, proofs are $5.00 each.

  • 07 | Are There Any Setup Charges?

    Most new layouts incur setup charges. However, there are no setup charges on standard engraved badges or nameplates with text only. What’s more, is that, in most cases, if you order 101 or more pieces, or 51 or more pieces while utilizing our FREE Warehouse Release program, we will waive the setup charges.

    Setup charges are assessed on the initial order. Repeat orders, changing the personalization only, will not incur setup charges. The setup charge includes a proof of your layout and a template stored on our server.

    We will keep your template for two years with no activity. After two years of inactivity, your template will be discarded and setup charges will apply.

  • 08 | What Are Your “Stock” Sizes?

    For our digitally printed products, we don’t have a “stock” size as all badges are custom designed and manufactured to your specifications. There is a maximum size of 2.125″ x 3.375″, which is the size of a credit card.

    For our engraved badges, again, we don’t have a “stock” size as the badges are custom designed and manufactured to your specifications. We can make sizes other than those listed in our catalog. If you want a badge that is between the sizes listed, simply use the next larger size for pricing. Still have questions, contact us.

    Nameplates do come in two standard sizes, 2″ x 8″ and 2″ x 10″. If you need a different size, just ask. We can make plates that are larger or smaller

    Still not sure what size badge you are looking for? Send us your logo and ask us to create some ideas.

  • 09 | What Type of Artwork Do I Need?

    Sorry to all the Apple fans out there, we are a PC based company. Vector formats are best for production so send us your EPS, AI, or CDR files. If you have a PDF, we may be able to use it and will let you know if we can’t. While we can print from other files such as JPG or BMP, we cannot control those formats in terms of color or quality.

  • 010 | How Do I Format My Personalization?

    All personalization should be submitted as a text document (such as a Word document), or a spread sheet (such as an Excel spreadsheet). Please place each badge in its own row and each line of personalization in its own column.
    Each entry must be the in the proper case, punctuation and spacing. Our software will control for font and color. We will import the personalization directly from your list into the master template on file.

  • 011 | Can I Get Some Samples?

    Certainly! In fact, you can request samples here.

    We are always happy to provide random samples. If you are looking for a specific type of badge, note that on your request and we will do our best to accommodate it. We send samples via US First Class Mail at no cost to you. If you want the samples sent any other method, simply send us your shipping number.

  • 012 | What Is A Spec Sample and How Much Is It?

    A spec sample is a physical sample of your badge run for your approval before the entire order is sent to production. We recommend spec samples in cases where you may be concerned about color, quality, or other issues.

    Spec samples are simply the cost of the badge added to your order.

  • 013 | How Much Is Shipping?

    Because we ship mostly small packages, we do not charge flat shipping rates as we feel this would be unfair to you. Instead, shipping costs are determined by the carrier when the order ships. Shipping cost is affected by things such as the size and weight of the package, destination, level of service, residential areas, and more.

    We are always happy to ship via your carrier of choice. We ship via UPS, FedEx, and US Mail.

    If we ship via UPS or FedEx, we can even place the charges on your third party account number.

  • 014 | What Is The FREE Warehouse Release Program?

    The FREE Warehouse Release Program is simply a way to prepay for your future badge needs up front.
    The badges you need are shipped right away and the remaining badges are held in our warehouse. Take advantage of quantity discounts. Your reorder is filled quickly and easily. You only need submit a list of names. There is no minimum release quantity and the only charge is for shipping and handling. Shipping is billed monthly and can be billed directly to a shipping account if it is submitted with each release order.

    We will keep the badges in inventory until there has been no activity for 2 years. After 2 years of inactivity, your badges will be discarded without further notice.